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Subject: degraded
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storegic 19.09.08 - 12:02pm
how do women feel about perverts degrading them are women not worth a bit more than just a pu*sy pic i ask with tears in my eyes ? *

jagg3d 23.09.08 - 07:36pm
perverts have boring lifes, stay strong and live the life you want and not the way that others want you too. *

bronagh 25.10.08 - 09:04am
Its a bit sad 4a guy to be jerking off over a cat pic n just as sad 4 girls 2 send them. Why not get out n pull 4 real *

gabeus99 18.12.09 - 08:01pm
I enjoy degrading woman for real. I find many of them enjoy it too. Nothing wrong with a good cat pic either. Whats wrong with you guys? *

j2222 9.01.11 - 04:46pm
Tht is bulls**t 4a guy been cat *

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